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3CX VoIP Phone System for Windows is an IP PBX / SIP proxy that completely replaces a traditional proprietary phone system. It uses standard SIP software or hardware phones, supports VoIP services & traditional phone lines and offers numerous benefits over a traditional PBX. The commercial editions offer enterprise grade support as well as a number of business features. A FREE edition is available here and is supported via the 3CX forums.

A license key which enables all commercial features for two simultaneous lines may be requested by submitting an email to the Deerfield Communications Customer Service Department.

Download 3CX Phone System for Windows.
Version 14.0
Download the Server: 3CXPhoneSystem.exe

Download Documentation: 3CX Phone System manual

VisNetic MailFlow                  VisNetic MailFlow

VisNetic MailFlow is an email customer service solution for Windows used by thousands of organizations that provides: email routing and tracking, reporting, standard responses, a global contact database, customer email history tracking, and much more. The combination of VisNetic MailFlow and 3CX IP PBX for Windows provides organizations an end to end customer service solution. 

Features like click to call, telephone conversation time stamps and call notes allow MailFlow customers to easily call their contacts within MailFlow and record – and refer back to – their telephone conversations. 3CX users not currently employing an email management solution will benefit greatly from MailFlow features such as: automatic email routing, shared email queues, standard responses and reporting. Deerfield Communications also fully supports both products and can provide all of the necessary assistance to ensure a smooth installation.

Flexible licensing terms includes a 30-day “try before you buy” download and free technical support.

Download VisNetic MailFlow.

Prior to downloading and installing VisNetic MailFlow, please ensure your server meets the minimum system requirements. If you don't already have a supported database server installed, see the links below for a number of free and paid Microsoft SQL Server options.

Download VisNetic MailFlow
VMFsetup_en.exe  (Approx. 10MB)

Supported Database Servers

VisNetic MailFlow stores nearly all of its data, including messages and configuration data, in an ODBC-compliant database. VisNetic MailFlow presently supports the following Database Servers. 

Microsoft SQL Server 7, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012 or 2014

Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) 7, 2000 (Free)

Microsoft SQL Express 2005, 2008, 2012 or 2014 (Free)


VisNetic MailFlow Administrator's Guide
VisNetic MailFlow Agent Guide

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