Patton SN4970/1E24V/EUI

Patton SN4970/1E24V/EUI

Patton SN4970/1E15V/EUI

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Patton SN4970 T1/E1/PRI VoIP Gateway
The Patton Smartnode 4970 series is a Patton digital gateway offering VoIP calls via T1, E1, or PRI. The SN4970 offers a variety of pre-built port configurations to meet every need. In addition, the SN4970 ships with IPv6 upgradeable hardware so you can future proof your investment. Regardless of which configuration you choose, the SN4970 series VoIP gateway comes standard with 1 10/100/1000 Ethernet port, external power supply, and 1 or 4 T1/E1/PRI ports.

Patton SN4970 Series Gateway Overview
Like every SmartNode™, the SN4970 supports every industry-standard codecs to deliver toll-quality voice on every call. The Unified Communications Agent™ (UCA) provides any-to-any multi-path switching (simultaneous SIP, H.323, ISDN, and POTS calls with routing and conversion between TDM/PSTN and IP/Ethernet networks—plus T.38 and SuperG3 FAX). VoIP-over-VPN with voice encryption provides secure voice and data via IPsec with AES/DES strong encryption and automated keying via Internet Key Exchange (IKE). In addition, advanced call-router functionality includes least-cost call routing with flexible dialed-number plan support.

Smartnode 4 port T1/E1 models offer Failover Relay which is PSTN fallback to ensure business continuity in case of a power outage. All SN4970 models include Patton's SIP Survivability Suite which includes PSTN Fallback in the event of a network outage, SIP registrar allowing SIP clients to continue to make calls in the event of a network outage, and dial backup enabling dial-up connection to the PSTN during network and power outages.

Patton SN4970 offers a smooth transition to VoIP with strong number portability. This allows you to continue to make and receive calls via the PSTN while your SIP provider is in the sometimes long process of porting your numbers over to SIP. When your numbers are completely SIP based, the SN4970 will dynamically switch to SIP so the transition from POTS to VOIP is seamless and instant.

Price: $1,350.00 


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