VoiceGear Connect - Standard Edition. FXS/FXO Connectivity
VoiceGear Connect - Standard Edition. FXS/FXO Connectivity

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VoiceGear Connect Skype Gateway allows for complete integration of existing PBX systems with Skype network. VoiceGear Connect Skype Gateway combines parallel Skype calling into a highly scalable package which makes it accessible for small business yet powerful enough for enterprise. The gateway acts as a bridge between your current phone infrastructure and Skype VoIP network allowing for concurrent 2-way communication between Skype and existing office phones.

VoiceGear Connect Express Edition:
- Sangoma FXS/FXO Analog Connectivity
- 8 Concurrent lines
- Maximum 32 Skype accounts
- Expandable to 16 lines
- Advanced hardware echo cancellation
- Rack-mount form factor

Integration with All Major PBX Systems
VoiceGear Connect Skype Gateway enables your existing office phone system to support Skype calling whether it is analog, digital, VoIP, or hybrid. Simply connect the gateway to the Internet and to your company PBX system and start making Skype calls from existing telephone handsets without changing anything in your telephony infrastructure. Advanced telephony features such as IVR, three-way conferencing, call forwarding and call transfer already available with your PBX system are seamlessly incorporated into Skype calling. This approach can result in up to 90 percent reduction in infrastructure costs and operating fees given that most Skype calls can be made free or at a fraction of the cost as compared to traditional long-distance providers.

Scale Up Along with Your Business
VoiceGear Connect Skype Gateway matches the density requirements for smaller locations while meeting demands for scalability of larger organizations with high call volume. VoiceGear Connect Skype Gateways can be configured to support from 4 to 60 concurrent calls and up to 240 active Skype accounts through a variety of interfaces to accommodate continuing business growth.

Free Branch Office Communication
VoiceGear Connect Skype Gateway offers an ideal solution to enable free long distance communication between remote branch offices over the Skype network. By setting up gateways at each office location with unique hunt-group accounts, all internal company calls placed from regular office phones connected to the PBX system will be routed as Skype to Skype calls absolutely free.

SIP Integration
VoiceGear Connect Skype Gateway features native support for SIP voice over IP protocol enabling it to route calls between SIP PBX systems and Skype. This provides huge savings on telecom expenses, while encouraging cost-effective communication among distributed offices, subsidiaries, and customers.

Improved Customer Service
VoiceGear Connect Skype Gateway enables your customers to reach you completely free over the Skype network using a single corporate hunt-group account. Skype Click-To-Call™ feature allows customers to call your company PBX directly from your Website.

Price: $3,799.00 


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