VoiceGear SkyBridge Lite - 2 Concurrent Calls
VoiceGear SkyBridge Lite

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SkyBridge Lite acts as a gateway between your current phone infrastructure and Skype network enabling you to make/receive up to 2 concurrent Skype calls right from your existing office desk phones. 

VoiceGear SkyBridge Lite:
- VoIP Connectivity
- 2 Concurrent lines
- Maximum 2 Skype accounts
- Small footprint

Great for Small Business
VoiceGear SkyBridge is an ideal solution for businesses or branch offices with 50 users and under. SkyBridge automatically finds free lines for both incoming and outgoing calls, meaning that several people in your organization can simultaneously talk on Skype.

VoiceGear SkyBridge is perfect for companies with multiple locations, remote employees, or customer-centric organizations looking to bridge the gap between the company and their customers, both domestically and internationally. Simply install multiple SkyBridge Communicators in each branch office location and take advantage of FREE Skype to Skype calls for all intra-office communications

Easy to Use! No PBX changes required...

After connecting the VoiceGear SkyBridge to your phone PBX system, anyone in the office is ready to use Skype from their existing desk phones. Simply pick up the phone and start dialing to save big on your long-distance calls.

VoiceGear SkyBridge also enables your customers to reach you completely free over the Skype network using a single corporate hunt-group account. All incoming Skype calls are directed to your company PBX system just like any regular landline call. In addition, with SkyBridge and Skype Click-To-Call feature, your customers can call your company PBX simply by clicking a Call-Me button on your Website.

VoiceGear SkyBridge offers a multitude of features targeted towards reducing communication costs in your small business as well as increasing productivity of your office employees.

Skype Trunking
VoiceGear SkyBridge allows small-medium size business to leverage Skype, the world's largest VoIP network, as a trunking solution for their existing office PBX systems. Utilizing Skype trunking as an alternative to the PSTN, businesses can substantially save on both domestic long-distance and international calls.
SIP Connectivity to the PBX
VoiceGear SkyBridge offers SIP connectivity to most VoIP and hybrid PBX systems. Native support for SIP connectivity extends the ability of VoiceGear SkyBridge to work with most SIP based PBX systems by delivering high quality voice for up to 2 Skype channels simultaneously.

Multi-site PBX Communication and Toll-bypass
Employees in multiple branch offices equipped with VoiceGear SkyBridge gateways can communicate with each other completely free using Skype. Calls between all extensions in branch offices equipped with VoiceGear SkyBridge are carried over the Skype network without incurring any fees.

Global Call Transfers over Skype
All incoming landline and Skype calls can be transferred to any phone number or Skype ID, inside or outside the company office. When employees are working away from the office, you can easily transfer the call to another branch office equipped with VoiceGear SkyBridge gateway absolutely for FREE, or to employee's mobile phones and landline numbers at low SkypeOut rates.

Web Click-To-Call
VoiceGear SkyBridge brings you Click-To-Call feature, which allows customers to call your company PBX directly from your Web site. Customers browsing your Web site can reach Customer Service, Sales or Support departments absolutely free over the Skype network with a simple click of a button added to your Web site. This can significantly reduce your costs for providing Toll-free numbers to customers and improve your customer service in all departments.

Price: $1,199.00 


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