VisNetic MailFlow

How are you distributing and managing inbound customer email inquiries? 
Are you able to track leads once they are routed to the proper sales representative?

VisNetic MailFlow 
allows your organization to respond to customer inquiries promptly, professionally, and consistently. It provides a centralized, web-based email management environment that can be accessed (securely) by any sales representatives from any location with Internet access.

Powerful routing rules allow for intelligent distribution of email among various ticket boxes (incident queues) or sales representatives, providing tremendous flexibility in how messages are handled.

With VisNetic MailFlow, managers can establish and enforce rules that help regulate service quality, such
as requiring representatives to answer oldest email inquiries first. Managers can also be alerted to specific
load conditions (such as a backlog in unanswered inquiries), helping them to identify and manage workload trends.

VisNetic MailFlow provides a strong foundation for managing organizational email correspondence, improving service potential where it matters most -- at the point of customer contact. The system provides:

  • Powerful email routing and workflow processing
  • Automatic generation and tracking of service incidents
  • Centralized library of standard responses
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis
  • Access to customer communications history
  • An intuitive, familiar web-based interface
  • Robust security provisions
  • Integrated logging, alerting, and reporting

VisNetic MailFlow is a one-time, license-based software solution. Pricing is based on number of users and is scaled to fit the financial needs of any organization. License sizes range from 3 users to an unlimited number of users.

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