VisNetic MailFlow Components


VisNetic MailFlow users are designated as Agents. Agents take responsibility for email threads, known as "tickets". Each email on a topic is added to the same ticket, allowing the same agent to handle subsequent correspondence on that ticket.


When an email is received by VisNetic MailFlow, a new ticket (incident) number is assigned. Through the cycle of support on that issue, the ticket is kept active and can be viewed by agents, moved if necessary, or escalated to a supervisor.


The VisNetic MailFlow interface is browser based, but with a familiar Windows style interface. A more standard appearance makes VisNetic MailFlow easier to learn and more intuitive for agents to use. A user's access rights determine how much information is displayed to them. Administration occurs through the same central interface, making maintenance tasks easier.

Shared Address Book

All agents in VisNetic MailFlow have access to a shared address book that is labeled Contacts. Whenever any correspondence is sent through VisNetic MailFlow, the contact information for the message is automatically entered into the shared address book. Agents can look up contact information in this address book, such as a customer email address or phone number. The agent can also modify the information as needed.

Support for MIME attachments

Customers and clients are able to send attachments with email, to help better explain the nature of their inquiry. VisNetic MailFlow can handle any attachment type and make them easily accessible to agents. There is no need for a separate server to handle uploaded files.

POP3 Support

VisNetic MailFlow can gather email from any POP3 account, or multiple accounts. It also offers APOP support and can leave copies of messages on the server, in case agents are working from a remote location at any time.

SMTP Authentication

SMTP Authentication ensures that the mail server VisNetic MailFlow sends email back out through is protected from becoming a relay point. By sending an authentication message prior to delivering email, VisNetic MailFlow can identify itself as a legitimate user to a mail server.

Multiple Outbound Connections

Multiple SMTP servers can be set up for use by VisNetic MailFlow. For each inbound account (POP3 server), a unique SMTP server can be used to send reply messages back out. By spreading the messaging demands across several servers, VisNetic MailFlow helps administrators balance network load, providing faster response time for agents and customers alike.

Routing Rules

VisNetic MailFlow allows administrators to create routing rules for all messages. Inbound messages can be automatically routed to the appropriate ticket box based on a number of criteria, including the subject line, the "To:" address, or the text. By taking advantage of routing rules, VisNetic MailFlow can more efficiently get messages to the correct agent without user intervention.


Setting up auto-responders provides customers and clients with quick confirmation that their message was received by VisNetic MailFlow, even before an agent reads their email. Providing confirmation gives contacts confidence that their email will be handled properly.

NT Security Integration

Automatic NT Security allows administrators to easily import a current NT user into VisNetic MailFlow. Users can then use their domain password to log in to VisNetic MailFlow, eliminating the need for additional passwords.


Agents can be placed into groups for administrative purposes. An entire department can be placed in a group, and then appropriate rules can be placed on every agent in that group from a central admin point.

Customizable View

Since VisNetic MailFlow is built as a browser based application, it allows greater flexibility for the agents in how they view their ticket boxes. Three different themes offer agents the ability to quickly change the appearance of the VisNetic MailFlow interface without changing any of the functionality.

SSL Encryption

Support for SSL encryption keeps every message between agents and customers secure and confidential. By using SSL, there is no fear of critical network data sent by customers being stolen across the Internet.

Print Support

VisNetic MailFlow supports printing, allowing agents to print a hard copy of any ticket (and any messages in the ticket).

Search Function

Agents can use a comprehensive search engine to find tickets based on a number of criteria including; Subject, Contact Name, Contact Email Address, Ticket Owner, Ticket Box, Dates, and more.


VisNetic MailFlow lets agents view the complete history of any ticket. Should ownership be handed off to a different agent, every message relative to that ticket is viewable. This allows new agents to quickly bring themselves to speed about the incident, without having to ask the customer for another explanation of the issue.

Ticket Alerts

VisNetic MailFlow has the ability to automatically alert agents based on a number of specific occurrences. If a ticket is too old, or a ticket box has too many messages, agents or supervisors can be alerted to the situation so it can be remedied.

Ticket Priority

Tickets can be sorted based on priority, helping facilitate efficient priority-based responses from agents to customers.

Standard Response Library

VisNetic MailFlow offers the ability to create standard response libraries for agents to use. Taking advantage of standard responses helps to maintain a consistent message across the entire company when speaking with clients and customers. It also helps agents to reply quickly with accurate responses, helping to insure that a minimum number of messages are needed to resolve issues.

Spell Checker

Included in VisNetic MailFlow in an integrated spell checker. Agents can quickly check outbound messages for accuracy without having to use a separate application. Precise messages foster stronger confidence from customers about the support provided by a company.

Signature Support

Each agent is able to create a unique signature file to be included on messages. Signature files are useful in attaching an identity to support personnel. By establishing a relationship with customers, companies are able to nurture stronger customer relations resulting in repeat business and satisfied clients.


VisNetic MailFlow offers administrators several reporting options to gather detailed information about each ticket. Administrators can set up VisNetic MailFlow to log general information, error messages, warnings, and more on several actions.

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