VisNetic MailFlow Features

Powerful email routing and workflow processing

  • Distribute workload effectively among multiple customer service or support representatives Flexible message routing criteria
  • Robust email auto-processing features (auto-reply, forward copy, etc.)

A library of standard responses to customer inquiries

  • Develop a centralized knowledge store that can help representatives be more efficient and accurate with their email replies
  •  Create standard responses that enforce corporate standards and policies
  • Automatic per-representative tracking of most-frequently-used standard responses

Email standards and policy enforcement
  • Add disclaimers and notices to email correspondence

  • Review communications and enforce email policy compliance
  • Use standard response library for improved consistency
Automatic generation and tracking of service incidents
  • Never lose track of a customer service or support inquiry
  • Quick customer and ticket search facilities
  • Private comments and draft capabilities for collaboration purposes
  • Ticket moving and splitting features
Excellent alternative to traditional employee monitoring
  • Supervise and filter employee email communications
  • Create a shared, managed email environment
  • Foster collaboration and knowledge sharing
Comprehensive reporting and analysis
  • Enforce timely handling of all customer correspondence
  • Support business intelligence with email flow analysis
  • Report on email traffic levels to aid workload distribution plans
Instant access to customer communications history
  • Personalize the customer service experience
  • Shared contact database with ownership feature
An intuitive, familiar web-based interface
  • Per-agent preferences for theme, signature placement, etc.
  • Powerful HTML and plain-text message composition features
  • Integrated spell-checking
  • Zero-footprint, access-anywhere usability+
  • Easy to use - manage your business, not your IT infrastructure!
Robust security and administration features
  • Support for NT account integration
  • Flexible and customizable access control lists
  • IP address restrictions for controlled access
  • Mail backup, archiving, and purging facilities
Integrated logging and alerting facilities
  • Customized logging at various severity levels
  • Integrated log viewer with filtering support
  • Internal and external (email) alerting
  • Integrated alert viewer

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